Project date 2019
Devices Downloadable native mobile application or rental a standalone tablet.
Customers Botanical Gardens of Nancy and the University of Lorraine - Nancy - France

The Botanical Garden of Nancy is a space dedicated to the preservation of plant biodiversity. Established in 1758, it houses a diverse collection of plants, including some that are rare or endangered. This garden also serves as a place for botanical education and research.

The botanical gardens of Nancy asked us to develop a digital application supporting the discovery of the plant and animal ecosystems of the gardens. The mobile application can be used inside the greenhouses and in the entire park. Users of the application can explore their surroundings in a playful way using Augmented Reality.

For each group of plants virtual animals appear that interacts with them, triggering the start of discovery phases and short games.

The application can be downloaded in the app-stores of Google and Apple and is based on a powerful Augmented Reality engine.
It interfaces with the Wezit platform on which all contents are hosted.

The augmented reality application can be used on a tablet rented at the garden entrance, or on visitor’s own smartphone.

It provides a playful way of learning about the plant/animal ecosystem, mainly inside the tropical greenhouses.

This project has been realized with:

This project has been carried out with the Wezit Mobile solution.
Contents are managed by the Wezit Studio platform.

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