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Whether for immersive or interactive experiences (static or mobile), we create simple interfaces that guide users towards the services and content they are looking for.

Mazedia is a digital agency specializing in designing and developing digital tools for the cultural, sales and communications sectors.

After nearly 20 years of accompanying the digital transformation of the cultural sector, Mazedia has developed its own software solution: Wezit, a global platform for content management of all types of exhibition mediation programs.

We aim for engagement through experience.

Mazedia operates worldwide through its German subsidiary based in Berlin, and carries out projects all over Europe, from Norway to Spain!


Our strength lies in our diverse and talented team, united by a shared passion for creating innovative and stimulating digital experiences for museums and heritage sites.

We are proud of the range of expertise and skills that our team has to offer: project managers, developers and technicians, art directors, UX designers, 3D graphic artists and illustrators…

They all contribute to the design of compelling, user-friendly experiences, providing effective solutions for a wide variety of projects, as well as a robust, high-performance software platform.

Our collaborative approach combines technical expertise, original storytelling and an understanding of our clients’ needs to produce high-quality realizations, contributing to audience engagement for projects of all sizes.

That’s the number of projects we manage every year in French, English or German.

Our communication tools are state-of-the-art, and we are committed to working closely with your team, exhibition designers, and the technical and editorial consultants who often compose the project management team.

Remote control and ticketing tools ensure optimum traceability during the deployment phase.

We never forget that all the systems we build must be operational 7 days a week for many years to come.

We meet your specifications
with a creative approach to implementation and ideas that we consistently share.

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