Project date 2023
Devices Native application - Website - Multimedia devices
Customers City of Brussels
Scenographer Clémence Farell

Belgium Beer World is a venue celebrating Belgium’s rich brewing tradition.

Visitors can explore the history, crafting, and variety of Belgian beers.

Tastings and workshops provide an immersive experience into Belgian beer culture.

The website provides all the necessary services for the museum: creating communities of interest, promoting events and temporary exhibitions, and ticketing. A mobile application has also been designed and developed to offer services to visitors.

In collaboration with the Belgian agency Create, the design of interactive devices focuses on delivering a spectacular and experiential dimension. For instance, we have developed a beer recommendation algorithm for tasting within a dedicated bar space. Visitor reviews are collected through a mobile application to fine-tune recommendations over time.

The mobile application also offers content in 9 complementary languages. The mobile application also offers 9 additional languages for the visit.

Tasting is a key element of the visit. Our teams have developed an algorithm that, based on general questions posed to visitors, suggests a selection from among hundreds of Belgian beers.

Using the application or their ticket code, visitors can enjoy the beer tasting
at the Skybar.

A device allows visitors to create the design of their own beer brand.

By selecting a pattern, a brand, and a shape, they can obtain their personalised bottle.

Using the application, visitors can save and share their unique bottle design.

The mobile application primarily aims to offer foreign visitors a wide range of language options.

Various services are provided, both related to the experiences during the visit and practical ones, such as using their digital ticket or making restaurant reservations.

The website offers numerous practical services for Belgian Beer World, while a professional site is specifically tailored for organized groups.

The editorial content is detailed both for the Beer Museum and for the archaeological site, each having specific mediations objectives.

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