Platform & CMS

After nearly 20 years of accompanying the cultural sector’s digital transformation, Mazedia has designed its own software solution: Wezit.

Wezit is a global software platform for content management of all types of exhibition mediation programs.

Each component of the Wezit solution can be applied to a different type of program: mobile applications (native or Progressive Web App), interactive kiosks or tables, immersive experiences… but also, more globally, transmedia experiences that offer a visit continuum

WEZIT STUDIO, the administration interface of WEZIT, allows you to manage different interactive programs (multimedia kiosk, multitouch table, mobile application, remote visits…) in a single place, by mutualizing their content.

WEZIT can be installed on site or used on the cloud. Contents are distributed to programs each time an update is made, to guarantee a high level of service availability.


Native apps and PWAs

Accompany your visitors throughout their visit with a native application or a Progressive Web App.

WEZIT adapts to all types of scenarios and media (audio, image, text, video, etc.) and offers a wide range of features (geolocation, guidance, 2D or 3D image recognition, augmented reality, etc.).


Interactive terminals and tables

WEZIT allows the management of various digital programs within your exhibitions: mediation devices (tactile tables, multimedia kiosks, etc.) or services (digital signage).


Remote guided tours

WEZIT LIVE helps you create remote guided tour scenarios, combining a powerful videoconferencing system with an immersive 360° digital tour.

Easily organize tour sessions within WEZIT STUDIO (create sessions, send automatic invitations, etc.).


Interactive education solution

Developed with education professionals, WEZIT EDUCATION offers a continuum of experiences between school, museum and family for school audiences. Students are accompanied before, during and after their visit to the museum.

WEZIT EDUCATION LIVE is ideal for classes that cannot travel to the museum, they can enjoy the complete experience remotely.

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