Project date 2023
Devices Multi-user mobile application - Interactive mixing devices for a sound studio at the end of the journey
Customers Abbaye aux dames - Saintes - France

The ‘Musicaventures’ project combines the historical heritage of the abbey. This cultural initiative offers visitors a unique immersion, where they explore the history of the abbey while discovering various musical expressions from the Middle Ages to the present day, fostering education and artistic appreciation.

‘Odyssey’ is the fourth part of this program. It offers visitors a journey through the city with interactive experiences. The goal is to create a baroque musical composition based on musical components that are revealed or built during the visit.

At the end of the journey, families enter a studio to assemble their work, and they receive a link to their composition via email.

Mazedia and its partners have designed the entire experience, both in terms of hardware and software.

This collective and family game relies on various collection steps, using, for example, augmented reality to connect music and heritage.

At the end of the collection, groups go into the studio to finalize their composition.

The game is organized around challenges in the city of Saintes and lasts for about 1.5 hours. Remote support is available in case of any issues.

Each member has a smartphone, and the game master has a tablet. All devices are connected together, and the tablet is located at the adventure’s entrance for support.

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