Project date 2021
Devices Mobile interpretation application
Customers Palais de la porte dorée - Paris - France

The Palais de la Porte Dorée is an extraordinary Art Deco complex, originally constructed for the 1931 International Colonial Exhibition and now classified as a historic monument.

This architectural ensemble, initially designed to celebrate the French colonial model’s glory, today houses the National Museum of Immigration History and the Tropical Aquarium, each rich in cultural significance and history.

For international visitors seeking to explore the diverse riches of this iconic site, a mobile visitor application has been thoughtfully created.

This app provides a captivating way to delve into the architectural beauty and historical significance of the Palais.

It offers a “must-see” tour that guides visitors through this exceptional monument, highlighting its size, history, and aesthetics.

Moreover, it features thematic tours known as “Le Palais en questions,” which delve into the architectural aspects of the site, the 1931 colonial exhibition, and the representation of colonial discourse within the building.

Additionally, the application offers an immersive 360° tour of the two historic halls. As an added benefit, it also assists in preparing for the visit by granting access to ticket service and providing practical information.

The mobile application adopts a practical and original approach, offering itineraries that address the questions visitors may have during their visit.

Visitors can explore certain rooms through immersive 360° visuals, which are typically off-limits to the public.

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