Project date 2021
Devices 75-Inch Interactive Table
Customers City of Lorient - France

The Cité de la Voile in Lorient is an exhibition center dedicated to sailing and navigation, highlighting the maritime heritage and achievements of Eric Tabarly.

It offers interactive exhibitions and simulations to inform about sea navigation and the history of sailing.

In 2021, the mediation team aimed to modernize its digital devices by incorporating a new, very large-format (90 inches) multi-user interactive table that allows 6 users to simultaneously access and interact collectively with the content.

Long-distance races, sea currents, and weather phenomena are part of the content and are constantly supported by an interactive world map and mini-mobile desks that each user can utilize. Headphones allow each user to have sound associated with their viewing area.

The interactive table was integrated into a metal furniture piece, designed and manufactured by the French company Metalobil.

The interactive space is multi-user. Each user has a private area and can interact with the collective table area.

Sound elements are automatically directed to the headset of the respective user, without disturbing other visitors.

The interactions provide access to numerous details regarding long-distance races, weather patterns in specific areas, local or global ocean currents, and the routes of various races.

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