Project date 2022
Devices Multimedia for Permanent Exhibition
Customers Ain Department - Bourg-en-Bresse - France
Scenographer Maskarade Agency

The Cuivrerie de Cerdon is located near Bourg-en-Bresse, in the foothills of the Jura Mountains. An iconic industrial building, the Cuivrerie was acquired by the Departmental Council to be transformed into an interpretation center, integrating mediation that combines object and machinery collections with digital devices or manipulations.

Many audiovisual and interactive devices have been created to highlight the industrial history of the site, using cutting-edge technologies:

  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality
  • Immersive device with giant projection
  • Interactives and sound immersion

Within a room, an old forge that was still in operation a few years ago, an augmented reality device was developed by Mazedia, based on photos taken by the agency “Drôle de Trame.”

Based on specially designed stands for augmented reality glasses, it allows visitors to see the workers working in the forge.

Another high-definition virtual reality device was created from an animated 3D reconstruction.

It projects the visitor into the heart of the Cuivrerie during the bombings of World War II.

A projection of a regional map on a relief map serves as the basis for a device where visitors can explore, in augmented reality, the different iconic locations that have marked industrial history.

For this purpose, tablets are made available around the relief map.

A giant projection tells, in a dreamlike way, the global trade exchanges between the Cuivrerie and its customers and suppliers.

Other projections detail the close relationships established between the Cuivrerie and Japan.

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