Project date 2022
Devices Native mobile application
Customers Domaine de Chantilly - France

Château de Chantilly, situated to the north of Paris, is a masterpiece of French architecture set amidst extensive gardens and a spacious park. It is home to the Condé Museum, renowned for its remarkable collection of paintings, manuscripts, and ancient books. The grand stables on the estate are a testament to the Duke of Aumale’s love for horses and now serve as a venue for equestrian shows.

The mobile application we developed for this palace, located in the northern outskirts of Paris, covers the entire castle grounds.

Featuring 677 points of interest (POIs) spread across 13 tours, the app offers a comprehensive mediation experience, complementing the visit with audio-visual content.

Visitors have access to over 1,500 media items throughout their tour.

Some areas are particularly rich in content, such as exhibition rooms displaying paintings covering the full height of the walls.

With a 360° Augmented Reality feature, visitors can select a work and listen to an audio commentary.

The application provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the entirety of the Chantilly estate, encompassing the château’s rooms, the museum, the stables, and the meticulously manicured gardens.

The application offers both geolocation and guided features, making it a versatile tool for visitors. Furthermore, it includes a specially crafted children’s trail designed to engage and educate young visitors.

A distinctive aspect of the museum’s exhibitions within the château is the remarkably dense presentation of artworks, which extends all the way to the ceiling of the rooms.

With 360° panoramic views, visitors can effortlessly select any of the exhibited works to access informative commentary, as well as additional visual and textual insights.

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