Project date 2023
Devices Mobile Application
Customers Alpes-Maritimes Departmental Council - France

The Alpes-Maritimes department, located in the southeast of France, with their Mediterranean coastline and Alpine terrain, offer remarkable geographical diversity in the southeastern region of France. Parks like the Mercantour National Park reveal exceptional biodiversity, stunning landscapes, and promote ecotourism and outdoor activities.

They also play a crucial role in preserving ecosystems and showcasing the region’s cultural and natural heritage.

The objective of this project, initiated by the departmental council, is to create a transmedia game targeting families and inviting them to explore the 12 natural parks of the department.

By using Artificial Intelligence for plant recognition and the latest smartphone technologies, players are not glued to their mobile devices but must use their bodies for running or jumping, their eyes to identify plants, and their sense of orientation to find their way based on clues.

The game has a common functional base for all parks, but the challenges are quite distinct.

It is a treasure hunt game in which the player will be required to complete various types of challenges.

For example, one challenge involves leaping like squirrels. The smartphone’s accelerometer detects the jump height and can assign a score for the challenge.

An artificial intelligence plant recognition system has been integrated into the program. The player, for instance, needs to identify an oak leaf, and the system will indicate if their choice is correct or not.

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