Project date 2018
Devices Multimedia for the Gallo-Roman Site Interpretation Center
Customers Poher community - France
Scenographer Laurence Chabot

The Vorgium archaeological site in Carhaix is a Gallo-Roman complex that includes remains of buildings, mosaics, and artifacts, offering a glimpse into daily life during that era.

Several mobile and on-site multimedia devices were developed to explore Gallo-Roman life through the visible remains on the site.

An augmented reality system has been implemented on tablets provided to visitors.

Visitors are provided with an augmented reality device, allowing them to explore a 3D reconstruction of the Gallo-Roman villa in place of the still-present ruins.

Beyond architecture, the 3D model has been enriched with realistic accessories and is used in real-time within the program.

An interactive table enables the tangible recognition of objects placed on its surface.

A relief map illustrates the Roman penetration into Brittany. A zenith projection illuminates the map, while a wall screen provides details of troop positions.

Aerial drone footage has been captured, and a 3D model of an aqueduct has been integrated into the images. The device offers a flyover of this Roman-era engineering marvel.

A map allows the discovery of the daily functions of various rooms.

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