Project date 2023
Devices Interactive game terminals - Audiovisual devices
Customers Savoie Departmental Council - Chambéry - France
Scenographer Adeline Rispal

The Musée Savoisien, located in Chambéry, France, is dedicated to showcasing the history and culture of the Savoie region.

Its diverse collections encompass artifacts, archaeological items, and documents that illustrate the evolution of Savoy over the centuries.

The museum’s multimedia displays are designed to add an engaging and interactive dimension to the visitor experience, with a special focus on families.

  • Games about housing.
  • 3D interactive discovery of the former Franciscan convent that has housed the museum for over a century
  • Interactive features such as a virtual fitting room where visitors can use augmented reality to try on different traditional garments from the region.

The museum’s interactive displays offer a wide range of features, with a particular focus on young visitors.

A 3D reconstitution of the site allows visitors to explore it from different eras.

A series of games for families, enabling visitors to discover the local habitat, local costumes, etc.

The interactive terminals are highly visual and user-friendly, making them an excellent choice for families.

A virtual fitting room equipped with camera-guided figure recognition allows visitors to try on different traditional garments from the Savoie region.

Users can choose from various clothing styles and customize their virtual attire according to Savoie’s dress codes.

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