Project date 2023
Devices Motion design film - Interactive games - Plan-relief with projection
Customers City of Mende - France
Scenographer Maskarade Agency

The Musée du Gévaudan in Mende is a museum dedicated to the history, culture and nature of the Gévaudan region, in the Lozère département of France.

The museum is housed in an 18th-century former dragoon barracks, giving it a unique charm. The museum’s layout is organized around three major themes: daily life, the history of Gevaudan, and local fauna and flora.

Visitors can explore collections of ancient objects, models, reproductions of life scenes, documentary films, interactive spaces, animations, and temporary exhibitions.

Among the museum’s most remarkable pieces are the skeleton of the famous Gevaudan Beast, which terrorized the region in the 18th century, as well as life-sized reconstructions of a wolf and a bear.

Wezit has created all the multimedia and audiovisual devices at the museum, utilizing its technical platform:

  • Audiovisual devices created in motion design, some of which are projected onto relief maps.
  • Interactives that engage visitors by offering creative activities.

A projection on a map explains regional geographic features.

The main film, entirely created in motion design using archival images, narrates the history of the ‘Beast of Gevaudan,’ which has fueled popular legend for centuries.

Several didactic interactives enhance the understanding of local issues.

A drawing activity is offered, allowing each visitor to imagine their own representation of the Gevaudan Beast. The drawings are published on the web and sent to the creator via email through the Wezit platform.

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