Project date 2023
Devices Multimedia devices for the permanent exhibition
Customers A1 Productdesign - Cologne - Germany
Scenographer A1 Productdesign

The Chocolate Museum in Cologne is a cultural institution focused on the history, production, and consumption of chocolate.

It offers interactive and informative exhibitions that highlight the chocolate-making process and its cultural impact while allowing visitors to taste various chocolate varieties.

In collaboration with the design agency A1 Productdesign, based in Cologne, we have created numerous audiovisual and interactive devices, all unified by the Wezit platform.

These include interactive kiosks to understand the chocolate market, a dual-screen setup to compare various cocoa cultivation methods, a quality control simulation, a 3D animation projected in the museum’s cocoa trade room, and a multi-user interactive table for an engaging exploration of cocoa and chocolate knowledge.

The interactive ‘Magra’ device allows visitors to follow the cocoa quality control steps. Virtual cocoa beans are virtually split in half to reveal any defects that visitors learn to identify.

Around the interactive table, visitors discover interesting and fun facts about chocolate and are invited to think about environmental, economic, and cultural issues related to chocolate production and consumption through quizzes and association games.

A pedagogical dual-screen setup uses an animated mural to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the three most common cocoa cultivation methods. Visitors can view input quantities (pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) and long-term productivity and access photos and videos.

In the dedicated cocoa trade space, a 3D projection spectacularly illustrates global cocoa, semi-finished, and finished product exchanges.

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