Project date 2021
Devices Interactive map - Motion design films - Interactive games
Customers City of Vire - France
Scenographer Agence NC

The Vire Museum in Normandy is a new cultural institution housing a diverse collection of historical and artistic artifacts that reflect the history and heritage of the region.

In conjunction with the museum’s opening, we have developed a series of digital exhibits, including a 43-inch touch table synchronized with a wall projection, allowing the public to explore the local territory. 

On the touch table, visitors can choose from ten periods that mark the evolution of the city and the territory of Vire Normandy, from the earliest known human settlements.

Another exhibit dedicated to vaudeville consists of a 32-inch inclined touch table and sound shower. This exhibit aims to elucidate the connections between two distinct historical phenomena: Norman songs from the 15th century and a popular theatrical genre in Paris since the 19th century.

One device combines an interactive map on a large multitouch table with contextual information projected onto a vertical screen.

Montages of archival images have been created using effects that bring visuals to life (parallax, zooms…).

Multi-screen exhibits also delve into the local culture, such as Vaudeville.

A guided path helps visitors understand the connections that led to the creation of this theatrical genre.

Several games are also offered, including one about elegance, where participants must find relevant accessories for the targeted character.

Another game, primarily aimed at younger audiences, involves matching objects to a bourgeois table from the early 20th century.

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