Project date 2023
Devices Immersive Multi-User - Drawing System Interactive Terminals
Customers Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris - France
Scenographer Réciproque

The “Prehistoric Art” exhibition at the Musée de l’Homme showcased a comprehensive representation of parietal, rock, and portable art from various prehistoric periods, emphasizing its abundance and diversity.

One of the two interactive displays we created for the exhibition enables multiple users to draw freely on a wall surface simultaneously, employing a system that combines motion capture and projection.

This interactive experience bridges ancient and contemporary artistic practices, providing a delightful and engaging conclusion to the “Prehistory” exhibition visit.

Visitors can engage in a creative activity, using their fingers to draw motifs of their choice. The drawing area and coloring tools are automatically assigned to each participant.

When the drawing is complete, the tools vanish, and the drawings transfer to an adjacent wall.

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