Project date 2018
Devices Website
Customers National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research - France

The INRAP (National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research) in France is a public administrative institution with the primary mission of detecting and studying buried archaeological heritage during land development projects to preserve the memory and history embedded in the soil.

The organization conducts preventive excavations and carries out scientific research, thereby contributing to the enrichment of the historical and cultural knowledge of the country.

For educational purposes, INRAP has provided resources on its website, allowing teachers and the general public to access tools for understanding the historical references that mark History.

Wezit has developed this timeline, entirely manageable through the CMS Drupal, with an intuitive and visual interface.

The program can be accessed online, but it can also be downloaded for offline use, such as in a classroom, for example.

The website is designed to be used online or downloaded to become an offline program.

A scrollable timeline provides detailed information for each period.

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