Project date 2021
Devices Interactive Manips - Visit continuum - Interactive terminals - Collective interactivity
Customers Cap sciences - Bordeaux - France
Scenographer Cap Siences - Quai des savoirs - Universcience

The “Esprit Critique” (Critical Thinking) exhibition is an educational initiative aimed at promoting critical thinking and the scientific approach, co-produced by a consortium of science museums.

Designed as a truly interactive journey, the “manips” on offer enable visitors to follow a continuous pathway to understand the good consumer practices on offer.

One of the technical challenges of the project was to make RFID readers, electromagnets, Hall-effect sensors and push-buttons communicate with our applications to ensure physical interaction and provide traceability for visitors, giving them a summary of their experience at the end of the tour.

The technology used is RFID via wristbands provided to visitors.

Visitors are given a wristband to wear throughout the visit. They use it on each interactive activity to identify themselves

A number of interactive activities create memorable experiences for visitors

Some interactive activities are based on moving objects using RFID

Or more complex actions often involving objects

At the end of the tour, visitors can see a summary of their actions and understand the issues involved in responsible consumption.

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