Project date 2023
Devices Augmented Reality Binoculars - Relief Map with Projection - 3D Reconstruction - Interactive Kiosks
Customers City of Honfleur - France
Scenographer Atelier Deltaedre

The CIAP of Honfleur (Architecture and Heritage Interpretation Centre) is located in a building called La Lieutenance, some of its oldest parts dating back to the medieval era.

Many devices have been created by Mazedia.

The reconstruction of La Lieutenance and the town of Honfleur at different time periods can be manipulated on an interactive table with a real-time model, and the landscape can be observed in augmented reality by switching between eras on the building’s terrace.

A relief map is the subject of a narration through video mapping projection.

Other interactive devices for interpreting the surroundings are also available for visitors.

A 3D reconstruction of the building allows real-time manipulation to discover its evolutions and functional aspects.

A projection on a relief map is associated with films and animations showing the evolution of the town of Honfleur over the centuries.

Augmented reality binoculars are placed on the interpretation center’s terrace.

Visitors can explore the town of Honfleur at four different time periods using a hyper-realistic 3D reconstruction created by our teams.

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