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Discover The French Handball House, a 15000 Square foot space dedicated to experience handball from its various points of view fully.

Located in the heart of the Sports Park: Dominique-Duvauchelle in Créteil, part of the Paris metropolitan area, this complex’s main purpose is to become a handball incubator. But the idea is also to showcase about this discipline, using different tools, all in a very a friendly and entertaining manner. 

The house presents several digital devices using Wezit technology covering the museography  approach planned for this project, and some of them talk about the following features:

Around the Clubs: 

The primary objective of this device is to layout the many affiliated FFHB clubs located not only in France but also worldwide. Furthermore, from a technical point of view, all the content related aspects are done by automated operational updates, hence, no need to redistribute an onsite version.

All about Jerseys:

The Object of the device is all about the iconic handball jerseys, which players and clubs wore them, letting visitors discover the players’ personal information and also about their stats.

For this particular proposal, a substantial portion of the content integrated into the device is managed using Wezit by Mazedia technology.


This feature is implemented in 3 devices, and it has a double mission: to enable the FFHB staff to measure the French handball teams and their players concerning their international ranking; and on the other hand, for the Handball house visitors to display the charts of these players.

Behind-the-scene staff and titles

These two devices were created to envision not only a “touch” or tactile medium but also to watch some more special and specific videos. The media includes interviews with the staff behind the team and emblematic games, letting users zoom in players’ profiles and expand their knowledge about them. For these devices, the content is completely managed using the Wezit by Mazedia solution.

Test your handball knowledge:

Allow visitors to take a quiz and find out how well they understand the game of handball, not only as a player but also as a referee!  We achieved this with an ergonomic design, a series of illustrated questions with graphics that make the device fun and user-friendly. 

The Goalkeeper game:

Yes… you too can be a handball goalkeeper! Visitors can immerse themselves in the game of handball by placing themselves in the place of the goalkeeper, all the media and content for this device is also managed using Wezit by Mazedia technology.

The after…

and because all great things come to an end, the Handball house used visit continuum approach with the personal postcards device. This tablet provides visitors the possibility to personalize their postcard and send it by email… way to keep a souvenir and invite dear ones to visit this fun place!

What to expect..

Maybe an app or an immersive space, making true transmedia experiencealive… yet this is a great example of how big projects can be broken down into specifics needs, see how they evolve and add on further interactions adapting to the needs of the museography.