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The city of Niort, located in the west of France and its conglomerate committed to creating a mobile and tablet app for two of its principal museums:

The museum opened in 2008 and it is named after Bernard d’Agesci, architect, landscaper, painter, sculptor, drawing professor and a city council from 1816 to 1829.

This multidisciplinary museum resulted as the desire to combine the collections from the Museum of Natural history and Fine Arts under one roof and responding to the demands of new generations, making this unique museum lively and open to youth.

Using Wezit by Mazedia technology, we conceived an app for tablet and mobile where visitors can discover the collections displayed along these three floors.

The beauty of Wezit is that all the content is updated at the same time to all the devices.

Get to know about this museum and its collection using either a tablet or a mobile device, available in either iOS or Android, the tour is offered in Englishand French!
On the other hand, the Dungeon Museum, another emblematic building located in the city of Niort, is the last witness of a fortified ensemble whose history begins in the 12th century.

Visitors can also explore these sites with different phases from a military fortress, as a place of residence, to a prison – and lastly, as a result of the first national congress of ethnology organized in Niort in 1896: The dungeon as an ethnographic museum!