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The showroom offer made for SMILE

The SMILE project was designed to support and assist the implementation of a series of significant regional industrial smart grids projects, also known as intelligent energy systems. Mazedia conceived two showrooms dedicated to new and alternative energies, answering the needs of the Bi regional association of Bretagne and Pays de la Loire regions.

These showrooms present a variety of content using interactive terminals, videos, and models; approaching the sensibility of government representatives, business owners and other professionals in a not only a regional, national, European and international level.

In an evolving scenography, the showroom serves to showcase smart grids projects throughout the region but also to promote smart energy transitions.

Using interactive and other media, visitors are engaged and learning about current and ongoing regional smart grids projects. In addition to new energy sources and improved techniques dedicated to regulating energy consumptions.

The role of the showroom is also to serve as a meeting point for these businesses and local authorities to seriously engage in energy transition sources, by acquiring smart grids solutions and ultimately implementing these solutions in their regions.

Mazedia developed for both SMILE showrooms all the interactive interfaces available on the terminals, as well as other content dedicated to the terminals or the showrooms themselves.

Interactive kiosks

Global navigation interface, essential information on SMILE

Interactive mapping of SMILE projects and members based on the SMILE database

Creation of a serious game and a quiz

Video library

Other contents

Creation of an interactive model with video projection

Motion design videos

Print: Barrisol, decals

The expertise and technologies implemented for both showrooms include the following:

The creation of the overall artistic direction of the terminals and multimedia content in compliance with SMILE graphic guidelines.

Use of a complete Wezit CMS for the administration of the terminals, a solution developed by Mazedia.

Set design, motion design, and design print .

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