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The metamorphosis of the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon …

It took ten years to complete a substantial renovation of the Museum of Fine Arts Dijon, this metamorphosis took place under the direction of Yves Lion, from the architectural firm “Atelier lion.” Restoring and respecting the history of this heritage site, the museum stands in the heart of the city of Dijon and the visitors’ tours were carefully thought to flow between history and the works of art gathered at a surface of 4,200 m2.

Visitors are encouraged to explore about 1 500 works of art, displayed in 50 galleries, covering the periods since ancient time to contemporary times. The museography set up the visitors’ flow by chronological orders, the collections’ themes are partnered with the techniques used and the different disciplines exposed, adding digital devices with interactive contents that complete this immersive historic visit, thought for visitors of all ages.

And to better integrate and explain all the history contained in this museum, digital devices were included in the form of tablets, applications, and other multimedia devices encouraging visitors to engage and feel included in the history of this great site.

For the Museum of Fine Arts Dijon the agency participated in this metamorphosis, providing seven interactive devices, in which one uses leap motion technology. Moreover, a multimedia guide is soon to come, reinforcing the digital offer of this vast collection.