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The Great War Memorial – The dedicated application has a new website!

The Great War Memorial – The dedicated application has a new website!

Built using WordPress technology, the site is connected with the application’s media content, including information about the authors, their works, as well as the available tours. Hence this website serves as a complement to the app, therefore, preparing the users with their “before the visit” part of this experience. For the moment, it is only available in French; the English version is soon to be released.

In addition to that, it enables users to get access to the official website of the Great War Memorial, as well as the Cultural Regional Centre of Picardie (Centre Régional du Livre et de la Lecture en Picardie (CR2L)… just like it is the case for the app!

Furthermore, this application narrates one of World War I episodes, through the perceptions of writers and other storytellers who participated in this battlefield. The app is available free of charge, in smartphone or tablet format. It gives users the possibility of creating a literary, geographic tour in the well-known region of La Somme. Moreover, the geolocation-based approach enables users to discover specific sections of this historic battlefield, the natural landscapes; all related to the texts within the particular context of World War I.

It is available in English and French, the contents of this application proposing not only recordings, texts about the authors, the link to the area, but also photographs and other related images. Lastly, there are many different authors represented throughout the content of this app, such as Siegfried Sassoon, Ivor Gurney, Alan Seeger, Vera Brittain, Jean Cocteau, Francis T. Lind, W.H. Downing, André Maurois, Blaise Cendrars, Ernst Junger, Hans Carossa and Edlef Köppen.

In conclusion, if you wish to enjoy this journey,  the app is available to download on Android and iOS version of the stores.