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Ocearium of the Croisic

Océarium du Croisic – Aquarium of Brittany

A virtual sensory experience ….

Mazedia has designed, produced and implemented an augmented reality device in the aquarium’s temporary exhibition space. Possible visualization of animals (sharks, penguins ..) in 3D.

It is an immersive experience, to live with family, allowing to see the marine animals closely and in a virtual way!

Ocearium du Croisic
Ocearium du Croisic

The reactions of the children and their parents are unequivocal: the children are delighted to be able to “touch” the penguins, to jump after them, to try to catch them and are surprised by the arrival of the shark in front of them …


Detail of the installation:

  • Camera shooting
  • Realization of 3D animation
  • Module for capturing live video and playback with 3 D animations via Video projector

Hardware partner on this operation: Domovisual for cameras and VP.

In a next step, the agency is working on the establishment of interactivity between the public and the animations. Case to follow !!!! …

Go to the Océarium du Croisic? It’s this way !