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The Order of Notaries of the West brings together the studies of 6 departments: The departments of the Brittany Region and Loire-Atlantique. The Notaries have a consulting activity but also offer their clients real estate. The characteristics of these dwellings or grounds are administered in software within the studies.

Mazedia has been chosen to provide technical structuring and webmarketing for all multichannel dissemination of study information.

A strong technical dimension

Several business software is used by Notaries. They allow the management of real estate offers. The main goal has been to create bridges between all these software and a central database that will then be exploited for the different media.

A central website completes the websites of the studies. An IPhone and Android mobile application has also been created, offering push alerts to users.

All information is available in real time on these three media: Web and mobile applications. The technologies used by Mazedia facilitate the interoperability of these contents by optimizing common areas of development.

The technique at the service of webmarketing

The purpose is the service provided to the user and the visibility of ads on the Internet. The webmarketing policy has led the structure of the website. The service offered can be continuous between Google search, the selection of an ad on the web, the geo-positioning on the mobile application and the approach of alerts in push on the mobile phone.

Webmarketing and high technology converge and bring the public a real service.

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