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The customer at the heart of the new Nicoll website.

Because customers are changing and markets are changing, Nicoll is launching its new website. Accessible from smartphones, tablets and PCs, this new site was built on modern technologies (Drupal 8) and an effective digital product information management (Product Information Management) to offer customers a complete, updated and enriched product information.

Navigate becomes easy!

We can find product solutions sections or services, but also sections installer and specifier sections with own contents. In addition to the product and customer sections, Nicoll has focused on adding a section dedicated to its expertise, which includes references to the brand’s construction site and the areas of application (hotels, hospitals, multi-family dwellings, individual houses, etc.) with dedicated product and service solutions.

Practical tools for the pros!

A range of services and tools adapted to optimize access to information: A powerful and relevant search engine that allows you to find products and related documents and media in one click (videos, data sheets, catalogs …) Toolboxes specific to Nicoll systems such as Chutunic® or Fluxo®. Prescribers will be able to find in these packages the documents essential to their business: BIM files, CCTP, technical sheets. A “Meet our experts” area in which clients can contact a regional prescription expert who will accompany them in their projects and answer their questions. A “Professional Services” section where professionals will be able to contact the technical experts for personalized studies (tailor-made, advice, spare parts, 3D modeling, BIM …)

The customer’s voice in breadcrumb

The customer experience is present throughout the navigation of the new website. In the construction and application areas many testimonials from users or prescribers shed light on a product experience, service or a field problem. also puts forward the customer reviews of the users of the brand to provide an authentic opinion on the quality of the products.

With its new website, Nicoll, a provider of fluid management solutions in the building industry for more than 60 years, strengthens the links between professionals and becomes a key digital partner for all players in the building market.

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