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A gutter simulator for the brand Nicoll

Mazedia had the opportunity to work with Nicoll on the conception of their website and lately a gutter and downspouts online simulator. As a result of our well known “savoir-faire” and our team’s necessary collaborations, we were able to provide Nicoll with all the essential sales support tools.

Find out more about this project approach!

Nicoll is a French organization headquartered in Cholet, Maine et Loire in the north-west of France, furthermore, using synthetic materials, it manufactures and creates evacuation and fluid management systems, either water and air systems, mainly intended for the construction sector.

Consequently, Mazedia designed a gutter and downspout simulators, available on PC or Mac OS, as well as in smartphone and tablet versions, at no cost, therefore, this simulator will allow professional or individual to get the number of gutters and/or roof extension along with a quote from its closest Nicoll distributor around their area in a few minutes.

A user-friendly, easy to use, interactive solution, especially relevant as it offers a 3D visualization of the project, as well as so many other features that will attract not only professional contractors but also any customer with an outdoor design project.


nicoll configurateur 600

Before starting your project, it is crucial you have the following:

  • Roof height at the bottom of the slant
  • The degree or percentage of your roof slope
  • Eave width
    and the spacing of the farmhouses or rafters

Take a look at the Nicoll simulators by following this link   Nicoll Configurator

The Nicoll gutter configurator has a “Help & Ask an expert” section to guide you throughout your gutter and/or overhang design project.

Thanks to the 3D presentation, you can follow step by step your configuration, and visualize the final rendering.

A last-minute change? Modify or reset your project at any time.

Finally, once the configuration is completed, the user will receive a personalized document by email.

Some other useful features:

  • Increased intuitiveness and fluidity: The user is guided along a realist approach
  • 3D views for more realism: Zoom and rotate around the product to see the rendering
  • Support for a better orientation during the improvement and also to provide product documentation of the site pages
  • Gutters’ new models and colors are integrated into the tool