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National Group of Research Cinemas

The Grouping

With the support of the CNC, the Groupement National des Cinémas de Recherche (National Group of Research Cinemas) was born in 1991 from the desire of different cinematographic places to join together to support innovative and singular films.
Today, the GNCR brings together 400 cinemas and 11 regional associations.
This network of cinemas constitutes an essential link that allows the films supported by the GNCR to meet their public. The existence of a free and independent cinema is essential today; this is why the members of the GNCR gather around a certain idea of cinema and defend it.
The GNCR is, for its members, a permanent space for exchange and reflection on the professional practices and experiences of each member. In this place of initiatives and collective experimentation, the members seek to reinvent the cinema and its relationship with the public.


Supporting a change in CMS

The GNCR teams wanted to move from Drupal to a more flexible and simpler tool for the team in charge of the website. We suggested that they consider a redesign with the WordPress tool, which was better suited to the group’s strategy and the volume of information to be distributed to the public.


Enhancing the value of video

The vocation of the GNCR website is to present the films shown in the theaters of its network. Video therefore plays a major role in the development of this new interface.

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