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MY REGION 2050 – Pays de la Loire Region.

My Region 2050″ Imagine the Pays de la Loire region in thirty years: elected officials, communities and experts will express themselves. Citizens too, via a website.

“My Region 2050” is an initiative launched in November 2018 on the first Mayor’s Regional Meeting opening, with the purpose to establish an introductions of what will be like the Pays de la Loire region in the future thirty years, in areas such as : energy transition, the digital revolution, regional balance, employment, health, education, mobility, housing …

“Take everyone away.”

“It will not be the project of the elected regional representatives, but that of the residents, the communities, the mayors, the counties. The goal is to bring everyone, “says Christelle Morançais, president of the Region, who has entrusted its first vice-president, Antoine Chéreau, to orchestrate a broad discussion.

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