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Lorraine Museum – Interactives Kiosks

The Lorrain Museum: Golden Label of the Innovative Territoires!

The Lorraine Museum received the Golden label of the «Innovative Territories» thanks to the digital devices made with Wezit. This project included 19 Web and tablets, adaptive interactive terminals.

The digital tools hold a vital place in the renovation project of The Lorraine Museum- the palace of the dukes of Lorraine-, whether installed in its walls or dematerialized on the web.

Digita technologies as a sharing tool!

Francophone or non-francophone visitors, young and adults audiences, people with special needs, digital technology is a sharing tool with as many people as possible, the Lorraine Museum will offer a new visitor experience, an immersive discovery, with augmented reality modules, zooming films on an artwork, animated maps, and virtual books.

Discover our online accomplishments:

Devices descriptions

Terminal access: “France!! Ou la Lorraine et l’Alsace…”
Terminal access: “Le microscope de Stanislas”
Terminal access: “Lit du Duc Antoine…”

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