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The mobile application::

This iOS and Android mobile application are available in the store, also The Museum of Arts of Nantes offers for lease 100 Android devices including this application, which allows an indoor geo-localization and the location of the artworks. In addition, it communicates with GColl (the Videomuseum collections management tool) and has a multicriteria search engine on all the displayed artworks, therefore supporting users visit personalization. The application is available in three languages: French, English, and Spanish.

Work in the magnifying glass:

This tool of multimedia mediation integrates games providing the visitors to explore works of art in-depth.

It is completely administered by the museum which can change at their convenience the contents placing in front of other works of art presented in the museum.

Orientation and Information terminals: 

Allowing to locate the works in the galleries based on the museum’s plans and on the search engine, they facilitate the museum exploration. Available in three languages (English, French, and Spanish) they also communicate with the Nantes Métropole schedule for a “beyond the museum walls” experience.

Back-Office :

To facilitate the work of the Nantes Museum of Fine Arts in the contents management, the Wezit solution runs a back-office centralizing of the configuration and the contents of the various devices (terminals/kiosks, apps). This back-office is synchronized with the museum ‘s collections management tool (Gcoll, Videomuseum).

Vidéo by “Opixido”


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