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Makers by nature! A functional website for the Ecole Suprieure du Bois.

As part of the new visual identity for the Ecole Supérieure du Bois, we conceived a functional website, respecting the aesthetics of this educational institution’s new visual identity, and giving you a taste of what is this engineering school’s history, specializing in Timber and everything related to the application of wood.

The school story dates back to its foundation in 1934; at the time, its premises were located in the 12th district in Paris. However, it is 1993 when it relocated to the city of Nantes, due to the proximity of the Saint-Nazaire port, one of the most active European ports in terms of wood import activities. Architect Jean-Pierre Logerais designed the school building.

What is unique about their new visual identity is that it focuses on a functional website, built in using WordPress technology. The Mazedia agency took into account the needs of the Ecole Supérieure du Bois and conceived a site with two separate homepages.

One homepage is dedicated to student needs, including the possibility to register for their academic programs, contact the school, and download informational material.

The other homepage is oriented towards Business needs, recruitment, continuing education, and private donations – to name a few.

The website respects all the aesthetics of the new visual identity, while at the same time, showcasing all the available training options, from Associate Level (equivalent in France to a BTS degree) to the Doctorate level. The website also is available in French and English: since 2003, the BSE created a training called “International Wood Trade,” thus the program has gained much international notoriety about the “Timber savoir-faire”.