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House of Megaliths

House of Megaliths ?

The different sites of Carnac Alignments are managed by the National Monuments Center (CMN), a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. The Center des Monuments Nationaux (CMN), is implementing a vast program of safeguard, development and enhancement of the megaliths of the Carnac. In this context, it offers the public, throughout the year, multiple cultural events to allow everyone to unravel the mystery of these “erect stones”.

See: Article “The Telegram” of April 6, 2018

As part of the mediation conducted by the Museum of Megaliths Carnac, Mazedia has implemented 3 devices.

Feature # 1: Interactive Timeline

This program is broadcast on a 65 ‘screen, portrait format, visible in the hallway of the megaliths house. It presents a chronological frieze allowing to locate in time the megalithic monuments of Carnac and South-Morbihan. Two levels of consultation are proposed:

– a global and collective consultation: the chronology can be visible without interaction by several visitors located nearby, following a programmed linear distribution, and understandable by the largest number including intellectual deficient and children.

– an individual interactive consultation “to find out more”: interrogation of specific megalithic milestones, giving rise to the opening of an illustrated information window. Accessibility:

Produced in 4 languages ​​and in sign language.

Carnac Mégalithes

Feature # 2: Wall of images – mapping megaliths around the world

This program is broadcast on 5 full screens 55 ‘, arranged in landscape format. The format is very long and panoramic, about 6.15 meters in length and 1.40 meters in height. The device is non-interactive and not sound.

Apart from the aesthetic challenge of the image wall, the principle of this device is to provide a geographical overview of the variety of existing megalithic sites by expanding the focal point of the Carnac site to the world.

Device n ° 3: Film made with the help of AMP

The Mazedia agency works regularly with partner companies to ensure the best quality in the shortest time to its customers. This film proposes an interpretation of what the visitor has seen or will see on site, the winter free visit, the summer while waiting for the departure of the visit-conference. It is built around interviews on site that answer questions not addressed in other devices and that we can ask: What? Who ? How? Why ?

The website of the house of megaliths.

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