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MAILLEZAIS ABBEY: An immersive AR/VR Cardboard Visit.

 An immersive AR/VR Cardboard Visit.

By inserting a smartphone in a “cardboard”, the visitor it can immerse in this 14th-century monument: The abbey of Maillezais.

At each point of interest, users are invited to immerse themselves in the history of the Abbey, on-site geo-located, the curious ones are guided by a storyteller during their wanderings time, enhancing the visit with videos, sounds, photos. One of the most noteworthy traits of this app is that It offers mainly 3D reconstructions of the site during different periods of times and especially of the abbey and the cloister. Unimaginable to think that visitors can enjoy the entire visit on a virtual reality through a cardboard type mask.

Mazedia designed and produced the entire application, thereof, the 3D reconstructions and the contents were made in collaboration with the Departmental Council of the Vendée region, MG Design (3d engine) and AMP Interactive (Film Production and interviews).

A little more detail on the interactive tours:

The Wezit application used by Mazedia for the abbey of Maillezais offers two tours, one including a virtual reality and another with augmented reality. Visitors thus learn how the abbey looked like and its evolution. Whereas, in the case of the virtual reality option, visitors are invited to an immersive experience by inserting their phones in a VR mask to envision 3D models. In addition to VR and AR experiences, the mobile application ALSO includes audio guide, videos, and outlined items.

Users are geolocated, both inside and outside the Abbey site, receiving a push notification when they are approaching a new content, moreover, during their visit, visitors can select their favorite points on interest and linked them with the photos taken with the phone lent to them during the visit.

Consequently, at the end of their visit, they receive an e-mail with a link, for them to consult their logbook on the Internet, and lastly to share it with friends and family members.

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