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After the recent extension of the  Museum of Roubaix Pool  underwent over the last year, it has finally reopened this past October 20th, adding 2,000 sqm to showcase objects and stories surrounding this magical place.

Offering visitors the opportunity to swim in different disciplines of the arts, reflecting the history of  Roubaix.

Areas dedicated to showcasing modern sculptures and others just for temporary exhibits, visitors find themselves navigating through ceramics and paintings.  The museum’s recent additions include an expansion that reinforces the swimming pool hall, a beautiful gallery of statues, all along displaying some of the Roubaix group collections. These museums are committed to expanding their existing collection. 

Moreover, the renovation focused on making this location accessible to broader audiences, incorporating the past with the present, including the integration of digital devices that can complement visitors’ learning and enjoyment.

Mazedia, using Wezit technology, this iconic museum was able to enhance its collection with the following proposals:

digital touchscreen that enables viewers to swim through 900 sculptures available at a reproduction of Henri Bouchard’s sculptor’s studio, deepening the knowledge about these works of art.

Four educational films bathing visitors about sculptures techniques, the different stages involving this art discipline from the modeling, molding, size, and casting. An important fact about this material: these were created in collaboration with the Lyon Museum of Fine Arts, which co-created these as a prelude to their sculpture permanent collection tour.

Furthermore, a dedicated projection area, transmitting references archives films about technical and historical details about the art of sculpture.

Lastly, an interactive digital tool which aids to appreciate the different aspects of the Grand Place building, from its commission on 1911 for the International exhibit, seeing the “before” and “after” architectural evolution of Roubaix…

Are you ready to dive into the world of La Piscine?