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In conjunction with the team of the region Loire-Atlantique, Mazedia created a tactile table program with the goal to present the renovation works of the Big Bridge of Thouaré.

Tactile table

Table tactile Pont de Thouaré
Table tactile Pont de Thouaré

Mazedia realized, with the teams of the department of Loire-Atlantique, a program on tactile Table to present the renovation work of the ” Big Bridge of Thouaré ” and to appropriate this building of the Heritage by discovering it under a new angle?

A manipulation in 3D
This original work, aimed at the general public for a better understanding of infrastructures and their renovations, has for specificity a manipulation of the bridge in 3D to observe the most inaccessible zones of the bridge.

A game to test its knowledge
The presented contents develop in their diversities: images, photos, videos….. A game( at the end of route allows testing its knowledge.

Our customers tell us….
” The project team of Mazedia was a strength of proposal and open to the changes throughout the project. She(it) showed flexibility while ensuring a very high quality of the ready for delivery and a respect for the terms. Thanks to all the team for this interactive table around the renovation of the bridge(deck) of Thouaré! “

Julien BAYLE
Department of Loire-Atlantique
Responsible for domain Communication
Direction(Management) digital Solutions

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