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Touch table: when digital plays the environment!

The Ecocitoyenne House of Bordeaux is dedicated to the pedagogy of sustainable daily practices.

In this context, the project consisted in creating a multitouch table bringing visitors into a universe close to their daily lives and leading them to set personal goals for improving their practices. For this purpose, the Ecocitoyenne House puts into perspective its own practices by indicating that the visitor plays on the real data measured in the house. One of the specificity is the ability to play around the table and create a collaborative spirit around the theme of sustainable development.

Accessible to four people simultaneously, the touch table offers fun digital reception to visitors.

The goal is to discover the eco-gestures according to his way of life.

The user chooses his profile:

– Ready-to-do to respect the environment,

– Perplexed about the impact of his behavior,

– Disenchanted (e) having the impression to make a lot of effort without great results

– Distrustful of anything that can be heard

He then chooses his environment (home, work, holidays) then selects points of interest (living rooms or objects). Each of them refers to a recommended ecogeste and a challenge, an event, an address (a public facility, an association, a company, a business) and possibly a game.

Mobile app

To continue this experience, the visitor can download the mobile application of Ecocitoyenne Ecocitoyens House in Bordeaux and send by email on his smartphone the challenges he selected when using the touch table. He will also find an agenda and eco-civic addresses of the metropolis geolocated around him A walk is proposed via the mobile application in the city of Bordeaux to discover all the actions undertaken by the community to innovate for sustainable development.

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