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A touch table: When the environment meets digital technologies!

The Bordeaux Eco-citizen House is dedicated to spreading sustainable daily practices.

In this context, the project consisted of creating a multitouch table taking visitors to a universe near their daily lives and leading them to set personal goals for improving their practices. For this mission, the Eco-citizen House puts into perspective the visitors own practices by designating them to play in the house within a real measured data. Moreover, a peculiarity about this tool is the ability to play around the touch table, creating a collaborative spirit around the sustainable development theme.

Simultaneously accessible for four participants, the touch table offers visitors a fun digital welcoming.

The goal is to find out more about green actions, according to their lifestyle.

Users choose their profile:

– All set: Ready to respect the environment,

– Perplexed about the impact of their actions,

– Disappointed: For those under the impression of making strong efforts without having great results

– Suspicious of anything that can be heard about the topic

By choosing their environment either home, work, or even their vacation setting, furthermore, selecting points of interest such as living rooms or any other objects. Each of this will point to a recommended green action and then a challenge, an event, an address, either a public building, an organization, a company, a business and possibly a game.

Mobile app

To continue this experience, visitors can download the mobile application and send themselves by email, using their smartphone the challenges they selected during their time using the touch table. Furthermore, an agenda with eco-friendly geolocated addresses surrounding their metro area

lastly, to present all the innovative actions undertaken by the community of the City of Bordeaux, the app proposes users a walk around town witness all the efforts in promoting Bordeaux sustainable development.

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