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A mobile application for the Hérault State Board

The Hérault state board reached out to Mazedia for an application created to explore those memory sites of world war I. Although the department was not part of the front lines during the war, nevertheless the department demonstrated an exemplary dynamics and solidarity.

The departmental archives have provided more than 800 documents integrated into this application, which is oriented towards a closer look into the inhabitants. In order to encourage state residents to identify iconic places during the wartime, a personalized message was established as a communication campaign throughout the state. This app is available for smartphones iPhone, Android, and tablets.

Mediation on the topic of history and the memory of the 1914-1918 war.

Thanks to this mobile application, it is possible to rediscover a particularly tragic period of our history, while having quickly in hand of the historical documentation. illuminated by a page of history,the sites and landscapes of the Hérault are revealed with another look.

This new media offers to all the curious visitors with many contents: images, texts, sounds and videos of archives, as well as thematic files, ether biographical or educational.

Download Android.
Download IOS.

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