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An application created for the Cluny Museum located in the heart of Paris. This museum includes two historic buildings:

The Abbots of Cluny townhouse and its beautiful Chapelle &The remains of the Gallo-Romains baths of Lutetia.

The townhouse was built around the year 1500, constructed in a flamboyant gothic style, housing a vast number of paintings, sculptures, stained glass works, tapestries, and other masterpieces of craftsmanship of everyday objects.

The museum has undergone a renovation project, and the new reception space was recently inaugurated in July 2018, anticipating the reopening of the public tours in the coming year 2020.


This museum is part of the Reunion National des Musees (Federation of National Museums) and the app created for this magical space offers tour guides in 6 languages: French, English, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese … describing the details and stories behind this site consecrated to the middle ages arts.

Works of art and other collection elements: thanks to audio description, those can be searched explicitly by entering their code. Moreover, the app also offers visitors a plan to ease how they navigate through the museum.

This pure and simple app was created using Wezit   by Mazedia technology and is available at the museum only.