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the Cité du Vin, a new museum “dedicated to wine as a cultural, universal and living heritage […] offers a spectacular journey around the world, through the ages, in all cultures” by making extensive use of new technologies.

An immersive digital scenography

For the Cité du Vin, the scenographers Casson Mann Limited, Dinah Casson and Roger Mann have devised an immersive and innovative permanent journey, using digital and interactive technologies (3D images, sets, distribution of smells … ), and the intervention of an innovative mediator: the traveling companion. This scripting of the permanent course lists La Cité du Vin in the tradition of experiential and interactive visits.

Design of a digital scenography

The digital dimension of La Cité du Vin is built around a global digital scheme initiated by Cap Sciences and enriched by the Directorate General of Digital Innovation and Information Systems of the City of Bordeaux. The founding principle of this scheme is to describe all the functional needs related to the activity of La Cité du Vin in its mission of cultural mediation, but also for its own management. These needs are translated into the necessary digital technologies on the one hand in the creation of the scenography imagined by the London agency Casson Mann, and on the other hand, in the information system delivering all the desired management functions.

Enhance the experience with digital, visit facilitator

The primary goal of digital in the field of cultural mediation is to offer the best possible visitor experience by adapting to the profile of the visitor. A key principle has prevailed in the integration of digital at La Cité du Vin: it must be invisible, accessible to all audiences, especially to “non-techies”, as well as to people with visual, auditory or cognitive disabilities.


The digital dimension of cultural mediation at the service of welcoming and accompanying visitors comes in three phases:

  1. Before the visit by discovering La Cité du Vin on the website, purchase tickets online (available from April 2016) and access to the documentary database referenced by the Foundation for Culture and the wine civilizations.
  2. During the visit thanks to many devices integrated in the permanent route, in the multisensory room and in the temporary exhibition space, and thanks to the traveling companion.
  3. After the visit, by finding the travel diary in his personalized space of the website, tracing his career and offering a deepening of his knowledge according to the chosen themes.

Source de l’article Clic Innovation (lire l’article dans son intégralité)

A Collaborative project conducted with AMP for models and MG Design for the entire 3D model.


La Cité du Vin from La Cité du Vin on Vimeo.

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