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Graphic and ergonomic design of the website and its mobile version of the Chemin des Dames. Drupal CMS setup and back office development. We co-build this project with the entire customer project team. A particular issue was the notion of responsive, mobility, accessibility and management of documentary resources.

A new portal for the Chemin des Dames

Digital showcase of the Chemin des Dames, from its history to its tourist enhancement, the website of the Chemin des Dames portal has been completely redesigned on the occasion of the Centenary of the events of 1917. Also integrating the website of the Cave of the Dragon-Museum of the Chemin des Dames and within a few months (current 2018) the site of the Virtual Memorial of the Chemin des Dames.

A service portal

It now presents an agenda, zooms on the news of the Centenary, maps presenting the main sites to visit, as well as historical maps giving access to aerial photographs and master plans of the Great War, practical and tourist information ( accommodation, catering, tours) to prepare for his visit. All information from the Dragon Cave-Museum of the Chemin des Dames: historical, cultural, touristic and educational services of the museum. The portal always offers downloads of The Letter of the Chemin des Dames and the publications and brochures of the Chemin des Dames and the Dragon Cave. The cartographic and historical resources will be enriched in the weeks and months to come, and offer a chronological frieze, story-maps and maps of the battles.

Access to the Departmental Archives

Rich with nearly 2,000 documents (letters, postcards, notebooks) and photographs of fighters, shared by Internet users, the Virtual Memorial lists more than 100,000 fighters of all nationalities, dead at the Chemin des Dames (including 52,173 French, 38,517 Germans, 6251 British).

Internet users and families of combatants have the opportunity to propose the registration of a fighter, complete information sheets and share documents and archives related to these fighters, directly on the Virtual Memorial. This departmental project, initiated in 2004, will undergo a complete renovation in 2019. Bridges with the Aisne Departmental Archives for the preservation and enhancement of family documents collected for more than 10 years will be an integral part of this second phase. . The cartography of archival and contemporary photographs, the location of the places (trenches, localities …) as well as an enhancement of the data collected on the hundreds of thousands of combatants who fell on the Chemin des Dames.

This new departmental project carried by the Centenary Mission of the Chemin des Dames, the IT Department and the Department of Education, Sport, Culture and Transport draws on its own skills and resources for the design and production of maps by the GIS (Geographic Information System) service, the valuation of the funds of the Departmental Archives of Aisne and the historical research of the guides of the Dragon Cave. In partnership with the Agency of Development and Tourist Reservations of the Aisne for referencing offers of accommodation, catering and hiking on the Chemin des Dames.

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