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Black Beauty: A meteorite Voyage seeing through a touch table

To commemorate the Nantes, Museum of Natural History’s acquisition of three small fragments of the meteorites paired with Black Beauty, the Mazedia agency was selected to create a digital device, in the form of a touch table, allowing museum visitors to manipulate and virtually explore the incredible story about fragments of “Black Beauty.

The device as mentioned above recreates the route the of a dozen of samples which were found in 2011, in the Western Sahara Desert near Bir Anzarane, Morocco. The trajectory of these rocks relates a voyage of millimetric fragments of stones, accumulating more than 4.43 billion years old, making it the first sample of the most ancient lands of the planet Mars.

This device is available within the museum’s “Earth and Universe Science” permanent collection gallery; moreover, the animation reconstructing the “voyage” includes a 3D meteorite reconstruction of “Black Beauty” fragments, along with other key information, making this device useful for educational purposes for school field trips, as well as other individual or family visits.