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Behind the scenes of Peace: the new exhibit of the museum of the Great War at Meaux

Behind the scenes of peace, is the new exhibit of the Museum of the Great War in the city of Meaux, located in the East of France.

Musee de la Grand Guerre de Meaux
Musee de la Grand Guerre de Meaux

The Museum is one of the largest museums in Europe dedicated to the conflict that took place between 1914-1918. Just located 30 minutes from Paris, this 3000 m² area is conceived for visitors to explore and understand how our world is configured. Furthermore, visitors travel in time along with the scenography; they are allowed to touch. In addition, Meaux is not too far from the Battle of Marne’s site, an area where, in September 1914, Meaux entered into the First World War, complementing the historic universe enclosed in this territory.

Dans les coulisses de la paix: la nouvelle exposition du musée de la grande guerre à Meaux.

The storytelling includes two tours, one created for adult visitors, and another for children, in addition to the group visits of this region’s first dabs of the liberation war. Not to forget are the museum add-on areas, highlighting the following areas:

  • Marne 1914
  • The Trenches
  • Marne 1918
  • Modern Art

It is for this exhibit that we have developed gaming applications, using Wezit by Mazedia technology; they are available for use inside the Museum in a tablet format.

Furthermore, one of these games consist of sliding and correctly placing the region’s border around the time of the conflict and another one about the craft of mapping; moreover, we also created an animation film surrounding this topic.

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