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An application for the International Military Pilgrimage

The launch of the International Military Pilgrimage (PMI) application is official! The app was conceived for visitors to guide and complement throughout the pilgrimage event.

It is available in iOS and Android version with 11 languages, enabling visitors to have access to the agenda and find the international and national celebrations program, learn practical information about the pilgrimage, explore the interactive map, and much, much more!

However, it is perhaps the agenda, and how it facilitates the user’s with event management convenience during the pilgrimage, which is one of the most valuable features they can take to their best advantage. It is by using Wezit technology that management functionalities are expedited. Take for example some specific elements on the map, those start sending automatic notifications whenever visitors are approaching identified landmarks on site, making it possible to identify in a map the different events happening in the same area. So that when visitors are near to an event that is about to start, by displaying a calendar they are able to identify the available performances by the day and hour.

Since its launch, the PMI app has received very positive feedback…