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We specialized in the design and development of interactive devices, for either cultural sites or for the branding of a business. The core of our attention resides on the user experience. At the moment, by the accuracy, we bring to each project, but also by our commitment to future research and development, in France and in Europe. For take very seriously the guidance and management, as well as the creativity of the experiences we implement in each project.  


Our team consists of experts in digital mediation. Experts in scriptwriting, storytelling, in interactive experiences, mastering the uses and making the most out of the digital opportunities. It is this team that interacts from the very beginning of the project, at your side, to share your visions and delivering solutions that perfectly match your plans.  


The UX, UI, accessibility. The artistic direction of the cognitive ergonomy, visual identity, and the educational elements for what we are fully committed to work. The ease of use, the choice of codes that have been written for all audiences. In addition to striking and enriching animations created by our motion designers.  


Mazedia has a large team of engineers. Innovation and development sustainability are our leitmotifs. Websites, terminals or interactive tables, immersive devices, augmented or virtual reality, mobile applications, all technologies share a team of perfectly trained and motivated experts. Our dedication to research and development drives us to the highest level and guarantees that you will always be at the forefront of innovation. Our reliable accomplishments, guaranteed by our technical leadership, has built our name (Drupal, WordPress, Symfony, Unity …  


A product designed by our R & D team, Wezit allows you to administer interactive situations, manage the content of installed devices or mobile mediation applications; furthermore, Wezit opens the access primarily for interactive transmedia with a totally personalized indoor/outdoor user experience during the course of a visit or tour, a true quality of Mazedia.  A qualified professional team will give you access to new and sometimes unimaginable possibilities.  


Our project management team is prepared to facilitate dialogue and exchange, organize the production, ensure a solid planning and gather teams to meet your objectives. Our Project Pole has collaborative tools that will allow you to be in a constant connection with your project: sharing iconographic resources,  traceable exchanges, updated document database, the extranet of Mazedia will be open to your organization.  


Since the creation of Mazedia in 1994, Audiovisual production has been consistently offered. The teams are set and combined according to the specific needs of your project. Our in-house facilities include all the means necessary for filming, HMI lighting, editing, mixing, moreover, we have the technical skills for sound spatialization, interactivity video and/or video mapping.

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